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Comic Art

I've been working as a freelance comic book illustrator for small press companies for over 30 years. I also created a webstrip that I maintained for several years which ran nearly 400 strips. I received my Master of Fine Art in Illustration with a focus on Sequential Art from The Academy of Art University in 2017. I currently teach courses on graphic design, illustration and sequential art at Mid-Michigan College. Here are some recent examples.

Arnza: The Well of the Warlock

This is an excerpt from a short story that recently appeared in the Sword & Sorcery issue of the anthology series Brain Freeze. 

Commodore Dinosaur: The Quest of Quetzalcoatl

I first created Commodore Dinosaur way back in 1987. He was the subject of my professionally published work (1991) and my webstrip (2002-2007). I redesigned the character in grad school and the first issue is coming soon From Golden Era Comics.

CD_QOQ_P17_2023_FINAL WEB.jpg
CD_QOQ_P18_2023_FINAL WEB.jpg
CD_QOQ_P19_2023_FINAL WEB.jpg

Cassius Carbo: Two Fares From Tyre 

Cassius Carbo: Two Fares from Tyre is another work in progress. It's a longer graphic novella set in the Ancient world. It's the adventures of a merchant seaman in the Mediterranean of 93 A.D. 

Cassius Carbo Page 1
Cassius Carbo Page 2
Cassiuc Carbo Page 3

At Galaxy's Core: Raid on Rectory VII

This story, Raid on Rectory Vii, began as a class project in grad school. After its completion, the professor of the class, DC Comics guide to Creating author Carl Potts, called it a work to be proud of. At Galaxy's Core: Raid on Rectory Vii will appear in Golden Era Comics Surprising Universe #1 with further adventures slated for future issues.

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