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I've been an illustrator for over 30 years. While most of the work that I do is comic book or graphic novel related, I also do magazine illustration. These usually tend to fall within the movie or pulp magazine genre. Here are some more recent examples of published work.

Wolfman Illustration FINAL-FLAT.jpg

The Wolfman

Interior Illustration

pen & ink on Watercolor paper.

digital background

Appeared in *PPFSZT! Issue 50

Main Enterprises

Doc Savage and crew

Cover Illustration

Pencil on Bristol board

Digitally painted in Photoshop

Appeared on the cover of

Pulp Fan Issue 6

Main Enterprises

Demon Attack on
St. Louis

Featured Illustration

Pencil on Bristol board

Digitally inked in Photoshop

Appearing in Apocalypse Portfolio

(publication pending)

Aazurn Publishing

Fantastic Voyage

Pencil on Bristol Board

Traditional Pen & Ink 

Published in Classic SF Films

Main Enterprises

Fantastic Voyage FINISHED-WEB.jpg

Achilles and Bellerophon

featured Illustrations

Pencil on Bristol board

digitally inked in Photoshop

Appearing in Characters of Mythology Portfolio

(Publication pending)

Main Enterprises

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